Information-Theoretic Approaches to Linguistics


A wide range of research has shown that information theory and the concepts of information content, entropy (uncertainty), and expectation can shed light on a number of linguistic research questions. These questions range from predicting the variation in and targets and outcomes of phonological and syntactic processes, to explaining the cognitive bases for these processes, to helping analysts objectively choose the best model for their data. This two-day workshop will bring together a number of researchers who are working on information-theoretic approaches to linguistics in an effort to share knowledge, tools, insights, and specific research findings as the field moves toward including information theory as one of its key theoretical bases. Researchers who specialize in all of these different areas will be invited to give 45-minute presentations on their current work. The event will also include a poster session for contributed papers on the topic of information-based linguistics.


  • Beth Hume, ehume AT ling DOT osu DOT edu
  • Kathleen Hall, kathleen DOT hall AT csi DOT cuny DOT edu