Testing Models of Phonetics and Phonology


This single day workshop aims to build connections between computational, experimental, and grammar-based research on phonetics and phonology. Studies using each of these general methodologies often have similar goals and produce mutually informing results, but they are usually presented in distinct journals and conferences, creating a barrier to their integration. The workshop brings together researchers in the areas of speech production, speech perception, and modeling of language acquisition, and includes two invited talks in each of the three domains, complemented by a poster session.


  • Matt Goldrick, matt DOT goldrick AT gmail DOT com
  • Joe Pater
  • Meghan Sumner

Spoken Sessions

The balance between the gradient and the discrete in language production

Implicit learning of artificial phonotactic patterns in the production system:
Connections to the perceptual system and to real phonotactic knowledge

Gary Dell (U Illinois Urbana Champaign)

Gradient symbol processing in speech production
Matt Goldrick (Northwestern)

Listener adaptation to variation

Modeling listener variability in prosody perception
using transcription and imitation as indirect measures of linguistic processing

Jennifer Cole (U Illinois Urbana Champaign)

Variation-driven speech perception
Meghan Sumner (Stanford)

Acquisition biases and typological patterns

Extending computational models into the laboratory:
Usage biases and the development of contrastive phoneme inventories

Andrew Wedel (U Arizona)

Formally biased phonology: Complexity in learning and typology
Joe Pater (U Massachusetts Amherst)

For more information on Poster Session and Call for Poster Submissions,
please visit the workshop's website.