This workshop will offer basic lessons on using ELAN annotation software. This software is designed especially for time-aligning audio and/or video-based language data with transcriptions, translations, and annotations. It is extremely useful for annotating natural discourse, as well as for looking at multi-modal communication (gesture, etc.), and its multi-tier features make it perfect for aligning multi-speaker discourse effectively.

This workshop will be taught by Michael Thomas, who will be receiving his PhD from University of Colorado in Fall, 2011. Thomas has spent the last two years documenting the Sakun language in West Africa, with funding from the Endangered Languages Documentation Program hosted at SOAS, University of London. He has used ELAN as the platform for his video-based documentation project, and will discuss the many issues that arise in combining ELAN with field documentation, including use of ELAN by local language workers. He will also discuss ELAN/Toolbox interoperational issues. The morning will focus on basics, the afternoon on advanced topics. All day cost is $25. Cost for morning or afternoon only is $15.


  • Michael Thomas, michael DOT thomas AT colorado DOT edu

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