Dear Colleagues,

The deadline for Linguistic Institute 2011 course registration is July 5, 2011. In the meantime, we are seeking your help in publicizing the Institute to demographics we are still hoping to reach. While we have been very successful at reaching subscribers to linguistics mailing lists (e.g., the LSA and Linguist lists), we are still hoping to reach (a) linguistics undergraduate students and (b) transdisciplinary scholars in fields like education, computer science, speech science, psychology, anthropology and sociology. We are especially eager to reach scholars in the (b) group, since this Institute is unusually rich in interdisciplinary courses, offering a strong suite of courses in psycholinguistics, computational linguistics and sociolinguistics. How can you help? We ask you to select one of the descriptions to the right, as appropriate for the list you intend to target, and forward it. We are grateful for your assistance in getting the word out about this multi-facted and rich Institute.

The 2011 Linguistic Institute Executive Committee