Karin Michelson

University at Buffalo

Karin Michelson is Professor of Linguistics at the University at Buffalo. She received her BA in 1975 in Linguistics and Russian from McGill University and her PhD in Linguistics in 1983 from Harvard University. She has taught at the University of Western Ontario (1979-1983), where she also directed the Centre for the Research and Teaching of Canadian Native Languages, at Harvard University (1982-1989) and, since 1989, at the University of Buffalo. She has published a substantial Oneida dictionary (2002), whose organization was an attempt to confront the challenges of Iroquoian morphology. Recently, in close collaboration with Jean-Pierre Koenig, she has been exploring morphosyntactic and semantic issues of Oneida. The basis of this research is a collection of over sixty stories and other narratives recorded by Oneida collaborators since 1979.