Nora England

University of Texas

Nora C. England is Dallas TACA Centennial Professor of Linguistics and Director of the Center for the Study of Indigenous Languages of Latin America at the University of Texas at Austin. Her interests include the grammar of Mayan languages, language description and documentation, grammar writing, linguistic politics in Latin America, and the preparation of linguists who work on Latin American indigenous languages. She has been involved in collaborative research projects with speakers of Mayan languages and has promoted models of research collaboration among students. Her publications include A Grammar of Mam, A Mayan Language (Texas 1983), Autonomia de los idiomas mayas: Historia e identidad (Cholsamaj 1992) and "To Tell a Tale: The Structure of Narrated Stories in Mam, a Mayan Language" (IJAL 75, 2: 207-33, 2009).