David Bradley

La Trobe University

David Bradley teaches linguistics at La Trobe University, having taught previously at the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University. He has also held visiting professorial positions at the CNRS in France and at the School of Oriental and African Studies, as well as various universities in China and Thailand. His research areas are sociolinguistics, language policy, descriptive and historical linguistics, especially concerning the Sino-Tibetan languages. He has done extensive fieldwork on a number of languages in Thailand and China, and is currently doing research on Lisu, a language of China, Burma, Thailand and India, while also trying to assist the Lisu community in their language-maintenance efforts. His work with the Gong and other communities of Thailand has facilitated language revival projects in cooperation with local universities in Thailand. He has also produced language atlases covering this area, including the Atlas of the World's Languages (1994, 2007) and the UNESCO Atlas of Languages in Danger of Disappearing (2009), as well as practical materials for the Lisu and other communities.He is also the author of Proto-Loloish (1979), Lahu Dialects (1979), two dictionaries of varieties of Lisu (1994, 2006), the co-editor of Language Endangerment and Language Maintenance (2002) and the editor of a special issue of Anthropological Linguistics (2010) on the sociolinguistics of language endangerment.