Sociolinguistic Cognition

Instructor(s): Kathryn Campbell-Kibler

This course explores cognitive models of sociolinguistic variation, focusing on research which has been characterized as ``third wave'' by Eckert (2005), i.e. work which examines the social significance of variation to speakers and hearers. We will begin with an introduction to third wave work, then read and discuss related work in anthropology, language attitudes, social cognition, sociophonetics, and psycholinguistics. Our discussions will focus on the common area across these fields, addressing both theoretical points of commonality and conflict and methodological cross-fertilization. Course participation will include readings and discussion, reading summaries and a 2-3 page proposal for a new study.

No prerequisites are required for this course. Some previous exposure to sociolinguistics will be helpful, but students whose backgrounds are in other related fields should have no trouble following the course.

Course ID:

Mon & Thu 3:30-5:15

Classroom: ECCR 105

Areas of Linguistics:
Sociolinguistics and Anthropological