Sign-Based Construction Grammar

Instructor(s): Ivan A. Sag

This course develops Sign-based Construction Grammar (SBCG) as an alternative to derivational (movement-based) theories of grammar. SBCG synthesizes ideas developed in Berkeley Construction Grammar and Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar, drawing primarily from the latter for its theoretical foundations.

I survey numerous empirical issues discussed in both the Constructional and transformational literatures, showing how SBCG can provide a comprehensive and precise account of complex data sets without appeal to the complex structures commonly assumed to be projected from empty elements, and without extravagant assumptions about the biological endowment for language.

Although the focus of the course will be on empirical data and analysis (primarily from English), it will also touch on the relation between grammar design and both language processing and language learning.

Some background in syntax (any kind) and an open mind

Course ID:

Tue & Fri 10:30-12:15

Classroom: CLARE 207

Areas of Linguistics:
Syntax and Morphology