Introduction to Syntax

Instructor(s): Andrew Carnie

This course is an introduction to the formal analysis of syntactic structure. We will examine the syntactic structure of language within a broadly defined Generative framework of syntax, with an emphasis on Principles and Parameters Theory, but venturing into related frameworks when appropriate. When appropriate, the fundamentals of Minimalism will also be discussed. We will see how various modules of syntactic systems interact to generate sentences. Topics include the lexicon, phrase structure, case, binding theory, empty categories, locality and economy conditions, movements and displacements. Data from a number of typologically varied languages will be examined and discussed. Presentation will be in the form of lectures, discussions, and in class practice. Evaluation will consist of assignments applying the ideas learned in class to data sets.

Students should have taken introduction to linguistics course and/or be generally familiar with the basics of linguistic analysis. Students with more experience will be given optional enrichment readings and assignments to supplement the required introductory materials

Course ID:

Mon & Thu 3:30-5:15

Classroom: KOBL 300

Areas of Linguistics:
Syntax and Morphology