Introduction to Morphology

Instructor(s): Sharon Inkelas

Introduction to Morphology is a graduate-level, research-oriented introduction to cross-linguistic phenomena with attention to leading theoretical questions in morphology. Topics covered will include affix ordering and morphological combinatorics in languages with complex morphology; the question of how phonology interprets morphologically complex words; prosodic morphology, such as reduplication, truncation and infixation; the occurrence of semantically redundant or vacuous morphological elements in complex words; and issues of paradigm structure, including paradigm uniformity, anti homophony, and paradigm gaps. The course will cover a variety of languages; students will gain experience, in homework and in lecture, at analyzing data from languages unfamiliar to them. The course is intended for beginning graduate students or advanced undergraduate students.

Previous coursework in morphology is not required; some previous exposure to phonology (e.g. an introductory course at the undergraduate or graduate level) is highly recommended.

Course ID:

Mon & Thu 8:30-10:15

Classroom: KOBL 375

Areas of Linguistics:
Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology
Syntax and Morphology