Defining English for Global Consumers:
A Course in Practical Lexicography

Instructor(s): Orin Hargraves

English is the most studied foreign language in the world today, and dictionaries are an essential part of every English student's learning program. Modern English lexicography has developed many sophisticated computational tools for bringing English in an attractive and usable form to the highly competitive market of its global consumers, but the methods that put definitions in dictionaries today have evolved from practices that are centuries old. This course will acquaint students with the fundamental concepts in lexicography and provide them with the tools, both old-school and state-of-the-art, that will enable them to practice and develop core lexicographic tasks: word sense disambiguation, defining, production of examples, and the creation of complete dictionary entries. Students will get extensive practice with corpora and the lexicographic tools associated with them, as well as investigating the intersections between lexicography and natural language processing that hold the most promise for those who wish to pursue a career in lexicography.

There are no formal prerequisites, but students should have a thorough understanding of English grammar, morphology, and syntax, acquired through a background in linguistics or advanced study of English.

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Mon & Thu 3:30-5:15

Classroom: ECCH 107

Areas of Linguistics:
Applications of Linguistics
Computational Linguistics
Fieldwork and Language Documentation

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