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Kirill Kireyev holds a joint PhD in Computer Science and Cognitive Science at University of Colorado, Boulder. His research at the intersection of artificial intelligence, linguistics, cognitive science and education focuses on personalized educational technologies.

Kirill is the founder of instaGrok - an innovative educational search engine that allows anyone to learn from the Web in an engaging and personalized way. instaGrok uses a number of state-of-the-art semantic algorithms and insights from cognitive science.

Kirill's consulting firm Digital Discourse Consulting offers research, prototyping and software development services related to language processing, machine learning and education technologies. Past projects include creating algorithms for topic and sentiment analysis, question/intent detection, vocabulary/grammar/writing feedback and more.

Over the past 4 years as a researcher for Pearson Education (Knowledge Technologies), Kirill has worked on several research projects in state-of-the-art educational technologies that involved developing algorithms for:

Prior to that Kirill has worked as a research assistant at University of Colorado, on projects bridging natural language processing and human-computer interaction, including: Language technologies to assist people with cognitive disabilities, including research on:

Personal website: Kirill Kireyev