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I’m a computational linguistics PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at University of Colorado Boulder, working with Professor Martha Palmer.


My research interests include computational semantics and pragmatics, enabling computers to learn more subtle shades of meaning that are usually neglected in NLP systems, from the hidden layers of meaning in the lexicon to the meanings communicated through nonverbal means such as gesture.


I also love teaching the wonders of linguistics, and I’ve been teaching assistant at University of Colorado Boulder and University of Kentucky, as well as a Graduate Part Time Instructor (GPTI) at University of Colorado Boulder.



List of Projects I've been involved in as a Graduate Research Assistant:

  • Dissertation: Natural Language Grounding in Multimodal Conversational AI (2019-Ongoing)
    Using insights from a cognitive linguistic framework to develop algorithms for a cognitive architecture to solve natural language grounding of entities in natural multimodal interaction to be used in human robot interaction, particularly in a one-to-one collaborative scenario. It is intended to be used in assistive robots as well as collaborative robots.
    • Advisor: Martha Palmer; Co-advisor: Tom Williams
  • Using unsupervised learning to find verb specific features in VerbNet classes (Sp 2019)
  • Discourse Understanding and Human-Robot Dialogue (Sp 2019)
  • Semi-Automatic mapping of VerbNet to BSO (Fall 18)
  • Creating an entity ontology containing qualia structure (2017)
  • Improving VerbNet (ongoing)
    • supervisor: Martha Palmer
  • Developing a searchable website containing information about existing linguistic corpora at CU Boulder (Launched in 2017)
  • Creating a rule-based morphological analyzer for the Arapaho language, using Foma toolkit (2016)
    • supervisors: Andrew Cowell, Mans Hulden
  • Creating/Improving/Maintaining an online lexical resource for the Arapaho language (2015-16)
    • supervisor: Andrew Cowell
  • Semantic role labeling of Urdu verbs borrowed from Persian (2015)
    • supervisor: Martha Palmer
    • collaborator: Riyaz Bhat


Experience as a Data Science Intern in Jet/Walmart e-Commerce:

  • Used NLP tools such as WordNet and SpaCy, along with the Wikipedia API and some other NLP APIs to generate lexical variations for words and phrases in the e-Commerce domain. The results were used to populate a domain-specific ontology.


Topics I'd really like to work on some day:

  • Persian Verb Network (not exactly VerbNet or FrameNet... both and more)
  • The role of visual perception on linguistic communication


Courses I've taught as a Teaching Assistant:

  • Introduction to Linguistics (Fall'17, Fall'16, Spr'15, Fall'14; University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Languages of the World (Spr'16)
  • Introduction to Linguistics (2012-2014; University of Kentucky)


Courses I've taught as a Graduate Part-Time Instructor (GPTI):

  • Introduction to Linguistics (Fall'18)



Professional Bio:


I started college in 2001 as a Physics major in Tehran Polytechnic University. I worked for a few years, mainly as a translator. In 2007, I decided to get back to college, this time in English language and literature. I was admitted to University of Tehran, where I received my BA in 2011.


I started my MA in linguistic theory and typology at University of Kentucky in 2012. I attended LSA (Linguistic Society of America) Summer Institute in July 2013 at University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). I defended my thesis titled "Pronominal Complex Predicates in Colloquial Persian" in August 2014, and moved to Boulder, Colorado to start my PhD in Computational Linguistics the same month. I have taken courses in linguistics, computer science, and cognitive science. I mix my passion for language with my passion for logic and math. I hope to push the boundaries of science and technology a bit, by focusing on natural language grounding in multimodal communication and how we can enable computers/robots to understand humans interacting with them in multiple modalities, particularly linguistic and visual. I'm currently pursuing a joint PhD in Linguistics and Cognitive Science, with specialty in Computational Linguistics.


(Google Scholar Page)

  • A Neural Morphological Analyzer for Arapaho Verbs Learned from a Finite State Transducer ( Link )
    • (co-authors: Sarah Moeller, Andrew Cowell, Mans Hulden)


  • Automatically Extracting Qualia Relations for the Rich Event Ontology ( Link )
    • (co-authors: Claire Bonial, Susan Windisch Brown, Martha Palmer)


  • Creating lexical resources for polysynthetic languages--the case of Arapaho ( Link )
    • (co-authors: Andrew Cowell, Mans Hulden)


  • Pronominal Complex Predicates in Colloquial Persian ( Link )
    • (MA thesis -- committee: Gregory Stump, Andrew Hippisley, Pollet Samvelian)



Ghazaleh Kazeminejad


Department of Linguistics

University of Colorado Boulder

Office: Hellems 4 / Fleming 279

Email: ghazaleh dot kazeminejad at colorado dot edu