Predicate talA-u

Frameset: f1 "to utter a memorized passage"

   ARG0: reciter
   ARG1: utterance/thing recited
   ARG2: entity recited for


 (S (and |wa- | وَ-)
  (VP (follow/recite+he/it |-talA | -تَلا)
      (NP-SBJ (NP (young_men |$ub~AnN | شُبّانٌ))
	      (PP (from |min | مِن)
		  (NP (PUNC ")
		      (the+current/stream |Alt~ay~Ari | التَّيّارِ)
		      (the+national |AlwaTaniy~i | الوَطَنِيِّ)
		      (PUNC "))))
      (NP-OBJ (prayers |SalawAtK | صَلَواتٍ))
      (PP (on/above |EalaY | عَلَى)
	  (NP (intention/purpose/desire |niy~api | نِيَّةِ)
	      (NP (Lebanon |lubonAna | لُبْنانَ)))))
  (PUNC .)) 

وَ- -تَلا شُبّانٌ مِن " التَّيّارِ الوَطَنِيِّ " صَلَواتٍ عَلَى نِيَّةِ لُبْنانَ . 

ARG0: $ub~AnN min " Alt~ay~Ari AlwaTaniy~i "
Gloss: young men from the national party
ARG1: SalawAtK
Gloss: prayers
ARG2: EalaY niy~api lubonAna
Gloss: to the intention of Lebanon
REL:  talA-u

Frameset: f2 "be subsequent to / come after"

   ARG1: thing coming after
   ARG2: thing going before


 (S (TOK Gloss:and|Vocal:wa-|UTF8vocal:وَ-)
  (VP (TOK Gloss:follow/recite+he/it|Vocal:-talA-|UTF8vocal:-تَلا-)
      (NP-OBJ (TOK Gloss:it/him|Vocal:-hu|UTF8vocal:-هُ))
      (NP-SBJ (NP (TOK Gloss:chauffeur/driver|Vocal:sA}iqu|UTF8vocal:سائِقُ)
		  (NP (PUNC ")
		      (TOK Gloss:Subaru|Vocal:suwbAruw|UTF8vocal:سُوبارُو)
		      (TOK Gloss:NOT_IN_LEXICON|Vocal:AmbryzA|UTF8vocal:امبريزا)
		      (PUNC ")))
	      (ADJP (TOK Gloss:the+Norwegian|Vocal:Aln~aruwjiy~u|UTF8vocal:النَّرُوجِيُّ))
	      (NP (TOK Gloss:Peter|Vocal:biytir|UTF8vocal:بِيتِر)
		  (TOK Gloss:NOT_IN_LEXICON|Vocal:swlbrg|UTF8vocal:سولبرغ)))
      (PP (TOK Gloss:by/with|Vocal:bi-|UTF8vocal:بِ-)
	  (NP (TOK Gloss:difference|Vocal:-fAriqi|UTF8vocal:-فارِقِ)
	      (NP (NUM 0.6)
		  (TOK Gloss:second_|Vocal:vAniyapK|UTF8vocal:ثانِيَةٍ)))))
  (PUNC ,)) 

وَ- -تَلا- -هُ سائِقُ " سُوبارُو امبريزا " النَّرُوجِيُّ بِيتِر سولبرغ بِ- -فارِقِ 0.6 ثانِيَةٍ 

ARG1: -hu
Gloss: him
ARG2: sA}iqu " suwbAruw AmbryzA Aln~aruwjiy~u biytir swlbrg
Gloss: the driver of the Subaru Ambruza the Norwegian Peter Swolberg
ARGM-EXT: bi- -fAriqi 0.6 vAniyapK
Gloss: with a difference of 0.6 seconds
REL:  talA-u