Predicate sawat

Frameset: f1 "to vote"

   ARG0: voter
   ARG1: candidate or ballot issue
   ARG2: numerical count of vote, margin


 (S (VP (vote+he/it |Saw~ata | صَوَّتَ)
      (NP-SBJ (the+rudder |Als~uk~Anu | السُّكّانُ))
      (PP-MNR (by/with |bi- | بِ-)
	      (NP (NP (majority |-gAlibiy~apK | -غالِبِيَّةٍ)
		      (overwhelming/crushing |sAHiqapK | ساحِقَةٍ))
		  (PP (in |fiy | فِي)
		      (NP (NP (the+referendum/poll/questionnaire |AlAisotifotA'i | الاِسْتِفْتاءِ))
			  (SBAR (WHNP-3 (which/who/whom |Al~a*iy | الَّذِي))
				(S (S (VP (be_conducted/be_carried_out/be_performed+he/it |>ujoriya | أُجْرِيَ)
					  (NP-SBJ-3 (-NONE- *T*))
					  (NP-OBJ-3 (-NONE- *))
					  (NP-TMP (NP (year |EAma | عامَ))
						  (NP (NUM 1999)))
					  (PP (on/above |EalaY | عَلَى)
					      (NP (NP (independence/autonomy |AisotiqolAli | اِسْتِقْلالِ)
						      (NP (the+region/district |Al<iqoliymi | الإِقْلِيمِ)))
						  (PP (from/about/of |Ean | عَن)
						      (NP (Indonesia |<inoduwniysiyA | إِنْدُونِيسِيا)))))))
				   (PUNC ,)
				   (S (NP-SBJ (the+matter/issue |Al>amoru | الأَمْرُ))
				      (SBAR-PRD (WHNP-4 (which/who/whom |Al~a*iy | الَّذِي))
						(S (VP (follow/pursue+it/they/she |>aEoqabat- | أَعْقَبَت-)
						       (NP-OBJ (NP (it/him |-hu | -هُ))
							       (NP-4 (-NONE- *T*)))
						       (NP-SBJ (NP (actions/activities/work |>aEomAlu | أَعْمالُ)
								   (NP (NP (violence/force |EunofK | عُنْفٍ))
								       (and |wa- | وَ-)
								       (NP (massacres/slaughters |-majAziru | -مَجازِرُ))))
							       (SBAR (WHNP-5 (-NONE- *0*))
								     (S (S (VP (penetrate/pass_through/be_operative+it/they/she |nafa*at- | نَفَذَت-)
									       (NP-OBJ (NP (it/them/her |-hA | -ها))
										       (NP-5 (-NONE- *T*)))
									       (NP-SBJ (NP (militias |miyliy$iyAtN | مِيلِيشِياتٌ)
											   (partisan/sympathizer |muwAliyapN | مُوالِيَةٌ))
										       (PP (for/to |li- | لِ-)
											   (NP (Jakarta |-jAkarotA | -جاكَرْتا))))))
									(and |wa- | وَ-)
									(S (VP (put_and_end_to/destroy+it/they/she |->awodat | -أَوْدَت)
									       (NP-SBJ (-NONE- *))
									       (PP-CLR (by/with |bi- | بِ-)
										       (SBAR-NOM (WHNP-6 (what |-mA | -ما))
												 (S (NP-SBJ-6 (-NONE- *))
												    (PP-PRD (between/among |bayona | بَيْنَ)
													    (NP (QP (NUM 600)
														    (and |wa- | وَ-)
														    (NUM+NSUFF_MASC_DU_GEN_POSS >lfy))
														(civilian |madaniy~K | مَدَنِيٍّ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
(PUNC .)) 

صَوَّتَ السُّكّانُ بِ- -غالِبِيَّةٍ ساحِقَةٍ فِي الاِسْتِفْتاءِ الَّذِي أُجْرِيَ عامَ 1999 عَلَى اِسْتِقْلالِ 
الإِقْلِيمِ عَن إِنْدُونِيسِيا , الأَمْرُ الَّذِي أَعْقَبَت- -هُ أَعْمالُ عُنْفٍ وَ- -مَجازِرُ نَفَذَت-
-ها مِيلِيشِياتٌ مُوالِيَةٌ لِ- -جاكَرْتا وَ- -أَوْدَت بِ- -ما بَيْنَ 600 وَ-
>lfy مَدَنِيٍّ .

ARG0:  Als~uk~Anu
Gloss: The Inhabitants
ARG2: bi- -gAlibiy~apK sAHiqapK fiy AlAisotifotA'i Al~a*iy >ujoriya EAma EalaY AisotiqolAli Al<iqoliymi Ean <inoduwniysiyA Al>amoru Al~a*iy >aEoqabat- -hu >aEomAlu EunofK wa- -majAziru nafa*at- -hA miyliy$iyAtN muwAliyapN li- -jAkarotA wa- ->awodat bi- -mA bayona wa- madaniy~K
Gloss: With a strong majority in the referendum held for the independence of the district in Indonesia 1999 which was followed by fights between police and civilians
REL:  sawat


 (S (and/so |fa- | فَ-)
  (PP-TMP (in |-fiy | -فِي)
	  (NP (NP (the+second/next |Alv~Aniy | الثّانِي))
	      (PP (from |min | مِن)
		  (NP (May |>ay~Ar | أَيّار)))))
  (VP (vote+he/it |Saw~ata | صَوَّتَ)
      (NP-SBJ (council/board |majolisu | مَجْلِسُ)
	      (NP (the+deputies/delegates |Aln~uw~Abi | النُّوّابِ)))
      (PP (on/above |EalaY | عَلَى)
	  (NP (NP (decision/resolution |qarArK | قَرارٍ))
	      (ADJP (supporting |mu&ay~idK | مُؤَيِّدٍ)
		    (PP (for/to |li- | لِ-)
			(NP (Israel |-<isorA}iyla | -إِسْرائِيلَ)))
		    (PP (by/with |bi- | بِ-)
			(NP (NP (majority |-gAlibiy~api | -غالِبِيَّةِ)
				(NP (NUM 352)
				    (vote |SawotAF | صَوْتاً)))
			    (PP (in |fiy | فِي)
				(NP (in_exchange_for/in_compensation_for |muqAbili | مُقابِلِ)
				    (NP (NUM 21))))))))))
  (PUNC .)) 

فَ- -فِي الثّانِي مِن أَيّار صَوَّتَ مَجْلِسُ النُّوّابِ عَلَى قَرارٍ مُؤَيِّدٍ لِ- -إِسْرائِيلَ بِ- -غالِبِيَّةِ 
352 صَوْتاً فِي مُقابِلِ 21 .

ARGM-TMP: -fiy Alv~Aniy min >ay~Ar
Gloss: in the 2 of May
ARG0: majolisu Aln~uw~Abi
Gloss: The board of deputies
ARG1:  EalaY qarArK mu&ay~idK li- -<isorA}iyla bi- -gAlibiy~api 352 SawotAF fiy muqAbili 21
Gloss: on the resolution supporting Israel with a strong majority 352 versus 21
REL:  sawat