Predicate rad~-u

Frameset: f1 "to reply"

   ARG0: replier
   ARG1: replier to
   ARG2: answer


 (S (NP-TPC-5 (government/administration |Hukuwmapa | حُكُومَةَ)
	    (NP (Ariel |>ariyiyl | أَرِيِيل)
		(Sharon |$Aruwn | شارُون)))
  (VP (answer/reply/return+it/they/she |rad~at | رَدَّت)
      (NP-SBJ-5 (-NONE- *T*))
      (PP-CLR (on/above |EalaY | عَلَى)
	      (NP (this/these |h`*ihi | ه`ذِهِ)
		  (the+initiative/proposal |AlmubAdarapi | المُبادَرَةِ)))
      (PP-MNR (by/with |bi- | بِ-)
	      (NP (NP (operation/mission/process |-Eamaliy~api | -عَمَلِيَّةِ)
		      (NP (PUNC ")
			  (the+wall/enclosure |Als~uwri | السُّورِ)
			  (the+preserving/guarding/protecting |AlwAqiy | الواقِي)
			  (PUNC ")))
		  (SBAR (WHNP-6 (which/who/whom |Al~atiy | الَّتِي))
			(S (VP (PRT (did_not |lam | لَم))
			       (it/they/she+be_concluded/be_completed |tanotahi | تَنْتَهِ)
			       (NP-SBJ-6 (-NONE- *T*))
			       (ADVP (afterward/later/_yet |baEodu | بَعْدُ))))))))))))
(PUNC .)) 

حُكُومَةَ أَرِيِيل شارُون رَدَّت عَلَى ه`ذِهِ المُبادَرَةِ بِ- -عَمَلِيَّةِ " السُّورِ الواقِي " الَّتِي 
لَم تَنْتَهِ بَعْدُ .

ARG0: *T*
Gloss: NP-SBJ-5 (-NONE- *T*)
ARG1: EalaY h`*ihi AlmubAdarapi
Gloss: on this initiative
ARG2: bi- -Eamaliy~api Als~uwri AlwAqiy Al~atiy lam tanotahi *T* baEodu
Gloss: by the implementation of the protecting wall which has not yet ended
REL:  rad~-u

Frameset: f2 "to reject, decline, turn down"

   ARG0: rejecter
   ARG1: thing rejected


 (S (VP (reply/response |-rad~a | -رَدَّ)
      (NP-SBJ (-NONE- *))
      (NP-OBJ (request/demand |Talabi | طَلَبِ)
	      (NP (stopping/ceasing |waqofi | وَقْفِ)
		  (NP (implementation/execution/carrying_out |tanofiy*i | تَنْفِيذِ)
		      (NP (decision/resolution |qarAri | قَرارِ)
			  (NP (the+locking/closing/blocking |Al<iqofAli | الإِقْفالِ))))))))
(PUNC ,) 

-رَدَّ طَلَبِ وَقْفِ تَنْفِيذِ قَرارِ الإِقْفالِ , 

ARG0: *
Gloss: NP-SBJ (-NONE- *)
ARG1: Talabi waqofi tanofiy*i qarAri Al<iqofAli
Gloss: the request of stopping the locking decision
REL:  rad~-u