Predicate nasab-ui

Frameset: f1 "to attribute"

   ARG0: attributor
   ARG1: thing attributed, attribute
   ARG2: attributed to / benefective


 (S (and |wa- | وَ-)
  (VP (relate/trace/attribute+it/they/she |-nasabat | -نَسَبَت)
      (NP-SBJ (the+network/system |Al$~abakapu | الشَّبَكَةُ))
      (PP (to/towards |<ilaY | إِلَى)
	  (NP (sources |maSAdira | مَصادِرَ)
	      (official |rasomiy~apK | رَسْمِيَّةٍ)))
      (SBAR (that |>an~a | أَنَّ)
	    (S (S (NP-TPC-1 (achievement/realization |taHoqiyqAF | تَحْقِيقاً))
		  (VP (he/it+occur/happen/take_place/flow |yajoriy | يَجْرِي)
		      (NP-SBJ-1 (-NONE- *T*))
		      (NP-ADV (presently/currently |HAliy~AF | حالِيّاً))))
	       (PUNC ,)
	       (and |wa- | وَ-)
	       (S (VP (PRT (did_not |-lam | -لَم))
		      (it/they/she+be_sent/be_directed |tuwaj~aho | تُوَجَّهْ)
		      (NP-SBJ (any |>ay~u | أَيُّ)
			      (accusation/charge |tuhomapK | تُهْمَةٍ)
			      (other/another/additional |>uxoraY | أُخْرَى))
		      (PP (to/towards |<ilaY | إِلَى)
			  (NP (the+chauffeur/driver |Als~A}iqi | السّائِقِ)
			      (and |wa- | وَ-)
			      (the+rider/passenger |-AlrAkibi | -الراكِبِ))))))))
  (PUNC .)) 

وَ- -نَسَبَت الشَّبَكَةُ إِلَى مَصادِرَ رَسْمِيَّةٍ أَنَّ تَحْقِيقاً يَجْرِي حالِيّاً , وَ- -لَم تُوَجَّهْ 
أَيُّ تُهْمَةٍ أُخْرَى إِلَى السّائِقِ وَ- -الراكِبِ .

ARG0: Al$~abakapu
Gloss: The network
ARG1: >an~a taHoqiyqAF yajoriy HAliy~AF wa- -lam tuwaj~aho >ay~u tuhomapK >uxoraY <ilaY Als~A}iqi wa- -AlrAkibi
Gloss: that a was opened and there is no other charges against the driver and the passenger
ARG2: <ilaY maSAdira rasomiy~apK
Gloss: to an official sources
REL:  nasab-ui