Predicate nAdaY

Frameset: f1 "to call"

   ARG0: caller
   ARG1: beneficiary of the call
   ARG2:  the call / reason of the call


 (S (S (and |wa- | وَ-)
     (ADVP-TMP (yesterday |->amosi | -أَمْسِ))
     (VP (announce/summon+he/it |nAdaY | نادَى)
	 (NP-SBJ-3 (journalist/reporter |SaHAfiy~N | صَحافِيٌّ))
	 (PP-LOC (from |min | مِن)
		 (NP (roof/terrace |saToHi | سَطْحِ)
		     (NP (building/structure |mabonaY | مَبْنَى)
			 (neighboring/adjacent |mujAwirK | مُجاوِرٍ))))
	 (PP (on/above |EalaY | عَلَى)
	     (NP (NP (one |>aHadi | أَحَدِ)
		     (the+deported/deportee |AlmuboEadiyna | المُبْعَدِينَ))
		 (SBAR (WHNP-1 (which/who/whom |Al~a*iy | الَّذِي))
		       (S (VP (appear/emerge+he/it |Zahara | ظَهَرَ)
			      (NP-SBJ-1 (-NONE- *T*))
			      (PP-LOC (on/above |EalaY | عَلَى)
				      (NP (balcony |$urofapi | شُرْفَةِ)
					  (NP (NP (the+room/chamber |Algurofapi | الغُرْفَةِ))
					      (SBAR (WHNP-2 (which/who/whom |Al~atiy | الَّتِي))
						    (S (VP (he/it+descend/stay |yanozilu | يَنْزِلُ)
							   (NP-SBJ (-NONE- *))
							   (PP (in |fiy- | فِي-)
							       (NP (NP (it/them/her |-hA | -ها))
								   (NP-2 (-NONE- *T*))))
							   (PP-LOC (in |fiy | فِي)
								   (NP (the+hotel |Alfunoduqi | الفُنْدُقِ))))))))))))))
	 (S-ADV (VP (requesting |TAlibAF | طالِباً)
		    (NP-SBJ-3 (-NONE- *))
		    (PP-CLR (from |min- | مِن-)
			    (NP (it/him |-hu | -هُ)))
		    (NP-OBJ (NP (the+clear_expression/frank_statement |Al<ifoSAHa | الإِفْصاحَ))
			    (PP (from/about/of |Ean | عَن)
				(NP (name |{isomi- | اِسْمِ-)
				    (its/his |-hi | -هِ)))))
		(PUNC ,)))) 

وَ- -أَمْسِ نادَى صَحافِيٌّ مِن سَطْحِ مَبْنَى مُجاوِرٍ عَلَى أَحَدِ المُبْعَدِينَ الَّذِي ظَهَرَ عَلَى 
شُرْفَةِ الغُرْفَةِ الَّتِي يَنْزِلُ فِي- -ها فِي الفُنْدُقِ طالِباً مِن- -هُ الإِفْصاحَ
عَن اِسْمِ- -هِ ,

ARG0: SaHAfiy~N
Gloss: a journalist
ARG1: EalaY >aHadi AlmuboEadiyna Al~a*iy Zahara EalaY $urofapi Algurofapi Al~atiy yanozilu fiy- -hA fiy Alfunoduqi
Gloss: to one deported that appeared in his room in the hotel where he was staying
ARGM-LOC: min saToHi mabonaY mujAwirK
Gloss: from the adjacent building
ARG2-ADV: TAlibAF min- -hu Al<ifoSAHa Ean {isomi- -hi
Gloss: requesting from him a statement of his name
REL:  nAdaY