Predicate laEib-a

Frameset: f1 "to play a role/ in a game"

   ARG0: player
   ARG1: role/game


 (S (VP (play+he/it |laEiba | لَعِبَ)
      (NP-SBJ (NOT_IN_LEXICON |$Abln | شابلن))
      (NP-TMP (NP (year |EAma | عامَ))
	      (NP (NUM 1919)))
      (NP-OBJ (film/movie |fiylm | فِيلم)
	      (NP (PUNC ")
		  (the+child/boy |AlT~ifolu | الطِّفْلُ)
		  (PUNC ")))
      (PP-TMP (right_after |<ivora | إِثْرَ)
	      (NP (death |wafApi | وَفاةِ)
		  (NP (NP (son/junior_ |{iboni- | اِبْنِ-)
			  (its/his |-hi | -هِ))
		      (NP (of/with |*iy | ذِي)
			  (the+days |Al>ay~Ami | الأَيّامِ)
			  (the+three |Alv~alAvapi | الثَّلاثَةِ)))))) 

لَعِبَ شابلن عامَ 1919 فِيلم " الطِّفْلُ " إِثْرَ وَفاةِ اِبْنِ- -هِ ذِي الأَيّامِ الثَّلاثَةِ 

ARG0: $Abln
Gloss: Chaplin
ARG1: fiylm "AlT~ifolu"
Gloss: the Film The Boy
ARGM-TMP: EAma 1919
Gloss: in 1919
ARGM-TMP: <ivora wafApi {iboni- -hi *iy Al>ay~Ami Alv~alAvapi
Gloss: after the death of his 3 days old son
REL:  laEib-a