Predicate kar~ar كَرَّر

Frameset: f1 "to repeat or reiterate"

   ARG0: agent doing the repeating
   ARG1: thing being repeated or reiterated


 (S (TOK Gloss:and|Vocal:wa-|UTF8vocal:وَ-)
  (VP (TOK Gloss:repeat/reiterate+he/it|Vocal:-kar~ara|UTF8vocal:-كَرَّرَ)
      (NP-SBJ (TOK Gloss:Bush|Vocal:buw$|UTF8vocal:بُوش))
      (SBAR (TOK Gloss:to|Vocal:>an|UTF8vocal:أَن)
	    (S (VP (TOK Gloss:not_be+it/they/she|Vocal:layosat|UTF8vocal:لَيْسَت)
		   (PP-PRD (TOK Gloss:with/by|Vocal:laday-|UTF8vocal:لَدَي-)
			   (NP (TOK Gloss:it/him|Vocal:-hi|UTF8vocal:-هِ)))
		   (NP-SBJ (PUNC ")
			   (NP (TOK Gloss:plan/project|Vocal:xuT~apu|UTF8vocal:خُطَّةُ)
			       (NP (TOK Gloss:war/warfare|Vocal:HarobK|UTF8vocal:حَرْبٍ)))
			   (PP (TOK Gloss:against|Vocal:Did~a|UTF8vocal:ضِدَّ)
			       (NP (TOK Gloss:the+Iraq|Vocal:AlEirAqi|UTF8vocal:العِراقِ)))
			   (PUNC "))
		   (PP (TOK Gloss:on/above|Vocal:EalaY|UTF8vocal:عَلَى)
		       (NP (TOK Gloss:bureau/office/department|Vocal:makotabi-|UTF8vocal:مَكْتَبِ-)
			   (TOK Gloss:its/his|Vocal:-hi|UTF8vocal:-هِ)))))))
  (PUNC .)) 

وَ- -كَرَّرَ بُوش أَن لَيْسَت لَدَي- -هِ " خُطَّةُ حَرْبٍ ضِدَّ العِراقِ " عَلَى مَكْتَبِ- 
-هِ .

ARG0: bu$
Gloss: Bush
ARG1: >an layosat laday-hi "xuT~apu HarobK Did~a AlEirAqi" EalaY makotabi-hi
Gloss: that he does not have a plan to attack Iraq on his desk
REL:  kar~ar كَرَّر