Predicate jaEal-a

Frameset: f1 "made"

   ARG0: impeller to action
   ARG1: impelled action


 (S (NP-TPC-1 (the+states/provinces |AlwilAyAti | الوِلاياتِ)
	    (the+united |Almut~aHidapa | المُتَّحِدَةَ))
  (VP (make/bring_about/appoint+it/they/she |jaEalat | جَعَلَت)
      (NP-SBJ-1 (-NONE- *T*))
      (S (NP-SBJ (the+terrorism/terrorizing |Al<irohAba | الإِرْهابَ))
	 (NP-PRD (problem/issue |qaDiy~apF | قَضِيَّةً)
		 (private/personal |$axoSiy~apF | شَخْصِيَّةً)))))))) 

الوِلاياتِ المُتَّحِدَةَ جَعَلَت الإِرْهابَ قَضِيَّةً شَخْصِيَّةً 

ARG0: *T*
Gloss: NP-SBJ-1 (-NONE- *T*)
ARG1: Al<irohAba qaDiy~apF $axoSiy~apF
Gloss: the terrorism a personal issue
REL:  jaEal-a

Frameset: f2 "cause to be"

   ARG0: causer
   ARG1: action caused


 (S (S (NP-TPC-4 (NP (that/those |tiloka | تِلْكَ)
		   (the+situation/condition/case |AlHAla | الحالَ))
	       (and |wa- | وَ-)
	       (S-NOM (VP (dealing_with/eating/taking/ingesting |-tanAwula- | -تَناوُلَ-)
			  (NP-SBJ (its/his |-hu | -هُ))
			  (NP-OBJ (NP (the+NOT_IN_LEXICON |Albrytzl | البريتزل))
				  (SBAR (WHNP-6 (which/who/whom |Al~a*iy | الَّذِي))
					(S (VP (PRT (did_not |lam | لَم))
					       (he/it+swallow |yabotaliEo- | يَبْتَلِعْ-)
					       (NP-SBJ (-NONE- *))
					       (NP-OBJ (NP (it/him |-hu | -هُ))
						       (NP-6 (-NONE- *T*)))
					       (PP-MNR (by/with |bi- | بِ-)
						       (NP (manner/form/configuration |-$akolK | -شَكْلٍ)
							   (suitable/appropriate |munAsibK | مُناسِبٍ))))))))))
     (PUNC ,)
     (VP (make/bring_about/appoint+it/they/she |jaEalat | جَعَلَت)
	 (NP-SBJ-4 (-NONE- *T*))
	 (S (NP-TPC-5 (blows/strikes/shots |DarabAti | ضَرَباتِ)
		      (NP (heart/center/essence |qalobi- | قَلْبِ-)
			  (its/his |-hi | -هِ)))
	    (VP (it/they/she+be_slow/be_late |tatabATa>u | تَتَباطَأُ)
		(NP-SBJ-5 (-NONE- *T*)))))) 

تِلْكَ الحالَ وَ- -تَناوُلَ- -هُ البريتزل الَّذِي لَم يَبْتَلِعْ- -هُ بِ- -شَكْلٍ مُناسِبٍ 
, جَعَلَت ضَرَباتِ قَلْبِ- -هِ تَتَباطَأُ

ARG0: *T*
Gloss: NP-SBJ-4 (-NONE- *T*)
ARG1: DarabAti qalobi- -hi tatabATa>u *T*
Gloss: his heart beats slow down
REL:  jaEal-a