Predicate Had~ad

Frameset: f1 "set, establish, decide"

   ARG0: decider
   ARG1: thing set/established
   ARG2: attribute of arg1


 (S (and |wa- | وَ-)
  (VP (determine/define/specify+it/they/she |-Had~adat | -حَدَّدَت)
      (NP-SBJ (NP (the+substance/material |AlmAd~apu | المادَّةُ))
	      (NP (NUM 5)))
      (NP-OBJ (value/worth |qiymapa | قِيمَةَ)
	      (NP (the+insurance/guarantee |Alt~a>omiyni | التَّأْمِينِ)
		  (the+final/definitive/conclusive |Aln~ihA}iy~i | النِّهائِيِّ)))
      (NP-ADV (symbolic |ramoziy~AF | رَمْزِيّاً))
      (PP-CLR (with/by |bi | بِ)
	      (NP (NP (QP (NUM 10)
			  (NUM+CASE_DEF_GEN |lAf))
		      (pound/lira |liyrapK | لِيرَةٍ))
		  (SBAR (PUNC ")
			(WHNP-1 (-NONE- *0*))
			(S (VP (he/it+be_offered/be_presented/be_introduced |yuqad~amu | يُقَدَّمُ)
			       (NP-SBJ-1 (-NONE- *T*))
			       (NP-OBJ-1 (-NONE- *))
			       (PP-CLR (to/towards |<ilaY | إِلَى)
				       (NP (treasury/coffer/vault |xaziynapi | خَزِينَةِ)
					   (NP (the+state/country |Ald~awolapi | الدَّوْلَةِ))))
			       (PP (by/with |bi- | بِ-)
				   (NP (according_to/in_accordance_with |-muwjibi | -مُوجِبِ)
				       (NP (NP (connection/transportation/transmission |<iySAlK | إِيصالٍ))
					   (PP (with/by |bi- | بِ-)
					       (NP (the+payment |-AldafoEi | -الدَفْعِ))))))))
			(PUNC "))))) 

وَ- -حَدَّدَت المادَّةُ 5 قِيمَةَ التَّأْمِينِ النِّهائِيِّ رَمْزِيّاً بِ 10 |lAf لِيرَةٍ " يُقَدَّمُ 
إِلَى خَزِينَةِ الدَّوْلَةِ بِ- -مُوجِبِ إِيصالٍ بِ- -الدَفْعِ "

ARG0: AlmAd~apu 5
Gloss: Chapter Number 5
ARG1: qiymapa Alt~a>omiyni Aln~ihA}iy~i
Gloss: the final value of the insurance
ARG2: bi 10 lAf liyrapK . *0* yuqad~amu *T* * <ilaY xaziynapi Ald~awolapi bi- -muwjibi <iySAlK bi- -AldafoEi
Gloss: with 10 thousand Lira given to state treasury in accordance with payment transmission
ARGM-ADV: ramoziy~AF
Gloss: in a symbolic way
REL:  Had~ad