Predicate Eavar-u

Frameset: f1 "to discover"

   ARG0: agent,finder
   ARG1: thing found, discovery
   ARG2: location


 (S (NP-TPC-1 (it/he |-hu | -هُ))
  (VP (discover/come_across/find+he/it |Eavara | عَثَرَ)
      (NP-SBJ-1 (-NONE- *T*))
      (NP-TMP (yesterday |>amosi | أَمْسِ))
      (PP-CLR (on/above |EalaY | عَلَى)
	      (NP (corpse |juv~api | جُثَّةِ)
		  (NP (young_man |$Ab~K | شابٍّ))))
      (PP-LOC (PP (in |fiy | فِي)
		  (NP (gulf |xaliyji | خَلِيجِ)
		      (NP (Aden_ |Eadon | عَدْن))))
	      (PP (facing/in_front_of |qubAlapa | قُبالَةَ)
		  (NP (the+Mukalla |Almukal~A | المُكَلّا)))))))
(PUNC ,) 

-هُ عَثَرَ أَمْسِ عَلَى جُثَّةِ شابٍّ فِي خَلِيجِ عَدْن قُبالَةَ المُكَلّا , 

ARG0: *T*
Gloss: NP-SBJ-1 (-NONE- *T*)
ARG1: EalaY juv~api $Ab~K
Gloss: a body of a young man
ARG2: fiy xaliyji Eadon qubAlapa Almukal~A
Gloss: in front of the Mukalla in the gulf of Aden
ARGM-TMP: >amosi
Gloss: yesterday
REL:  Eavar-u