Predicate $akara

Frameset: f1 "to thank"

   ARG0: thanker
   ARG1: thanked
   ARG2: for what - usually marked by the preposition EalaY


(S (TOK Gloss:and|Vocal:wa-|UTF8vocal:وَ-)
  (VP (TOK Gloss:said+he/it|Vocal:-qAla|UTF8vocal:-قالَ)
      (NP-SBJ (TOK Gloss:Salamah/Salameh|Vocal:salAmap|UTF8vocal:سَلامَة))
      (SBAR (TOK Gloss:that|Vocal:Ain~a-|UTF8vocal:إِنَّ-)
	    (S (S (NP-TPC-1 (TOK Gloss:it/he|Vocal:-hu|UTF8vocal:-هُ))
		  (VP (TOK Gloss:thank/give_thanks+he/it|Vocal:$akara|UTF8vocal:شَكَرَ)
		      (NP-SBJ-1 (-NONE- *T*))
		      (NP-OBJ (TOK Gloss:Lahoud|Vocal:laHuwd|UTF8vocal:لَحُود))
		      (PP (TOK Gloss:on/above|Vocal:EalaY|UTF8vocal:عَلَى)
			  (NP (NP (TOK Gloss:the+trust/confidence|Vocal:Alv~iqapi|UTF8vocal:الثِّقَةِ))
			      (SBAR (WHNP-2 (TOK Gloss:which/who/whom|Vocal:Al~atiy|UTF8vocal:الَّتِي))
				    (S (VP (TOK Gloss:devote/apply+he/it|Vocal:>awolA-|UTF8vocal:أَوْلا-)
					   (NP-SBJ (-NONE- *))
					   (NP-DTV (TOK Gloss:it/him|Vocal:-hu|UTF8vocal:-هُ))
					   (NP-OBJ (TOK Gloss:to/for/|Vocal:Aiy~A-|UTF8vocal:إِيّا-)
						   (NP (NP (TOK Gloss:it/them/her|Vocal:-hA|UTF8vocal:-ها))
						       (NP-2 (-NONE- *T*))))))))))) 

وَ- -قالَ سَلامَة إِنَّ- -هُ شَكَرَ لَحُود عَلَى الثِّقَةِ الَّتِي أَوْلا- -هُ إِيّا- 

ARG0: *T*
ARG1: laHuwd
Gloss: Lahoud
ARG2: EalaY Alv~iqapi Al~atiy AawlA hu Aiy~A ha *T*
Gloss: for the trust that he gave to him
REL:  $akara


ARG0REL:  $akara