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No Comments pelt-17.2
Members: 7, Frames: 2
Class Hierarchy
    no subclasses

Members Key
bombard (wn 1; g 1)
buffet (fn 1; wn 1, 2)
pelt (fn 1; wn 1)
shell (wn 1; g 2)
shower (fn 1; wn 2; g 1)
stone (fn 1; wn 1; g 1)

Roles Reference
  • Agent [+int_control]
  • Theme [+concrete]
  • Destination [+concrete]

Frames Reference Key
NP V NP PP.theme
   example "Steve pelted Anna with acorns."
   syntax Agent V Destination {with} Theme
   semantics motion(during(E), Theme) not(contact(during(E), Agent, Theme)) cause(Agent, E) not(location(start(E), Theme, Destination)) location(end(E), Theme, Destination)
   example "Steve pelted Anna."
   syntax Agent V Destination
   semantics motion(during(E), ?Theme) not(contact(during(E), Agent, ?Theme)) cause(Agent, E) not(location(start(E), ?Theme, Destination)) location(end(E), ?Theme, Destination)


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