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Members: 3, Frames: 2
Class Hierarchy

Members Key
overcome (wn 2; g 1)
overleap (wn 2; g 2)
transcend (wn 1, 2; g 1)

Roles Reference
  • Theme
  • Co-Theme
  • Attribute

Frames Reference Key
   example "Her performance exceeds our expectations."
   syntax Theme V Co-Theme
   semantics exceed(during(E), Theme, Co-Theme, ?Attribute)
NP V NP PP.attribute
   example "Her performance exceeds ours in brilliance."
   syntax Theme V Co-Theme {in} Attribute
   semantics exceed(during(E), Theme, Co-Theme, Attribute)

From: Edward, Date: 2006.9.8
While looking at how this class maps to the propbank entry for "exceed," Audra noticed some discrepencies. Consider the following sentence:

In the race, Mary exceeded John in speed by 2 miles per hour.

Here we appear to have four arguments:
  • Mary = Theme1/ARG0
  • John = Theme2/ARG1
  • speed = Attribute/??
  • 2 mph = ??/ARG2 [margin/difference]

But both resources are missing one of the arguments (verbnet is missing the equivalent of ARG2 ("2 mph") and propbank is missing the equivalent of Attribute ("speed")).

The second question was whether "Theme1" and "Theme2" are really the best names for the first 2 arguments -- it makes it unclear which one is greater and which is lesser. Although, neither theme is necessarily agentive, so perhaps theme1/theme2 is the best we can do.
From: Audra, Date: 2006.10.7
In addition to Edward's comment, I just wanted to note that I have a proposition. Not to be a theorist or anything that's out of my league at this point, but wouldn't a role for [MEASURE +] and [MEASURE -] kind of solve this?

However, I realize how incredibly difficult it is to get a new thematic role approved for use, so like Edward said, maybe this is the best we can do.


No Comments exceed-90-1
Members: 17, Frames: 1

Members Key
better (wn 1)
exceed (wn 1, 2, 3; g 1)
lap (g 4)
outbid (wn 1, 2)
outdo (wn 1)
outmatch (wn 1)
outnumber (wn 1; g 1)
outshine (wn 2)
outsmart (wn 1, 2)
outstrip (fn 1; wn 1, 2; g 1)
outweigh (wn 1, 2; g 1, 2)
outwit (wn 1)
overreach (wn 2)
overstep (wn 2)
surpass (fn 1; wn 2, 4; g 1)
top (wn 1, 4; g 1, 2)

Roles Reference
  • Extent

Frames Reference Key
NP V NP PP.attribute PP.extent
   example "She exceeded him in speed by two miles per hour."
   syntax Theme V Co-Theme {in} Attribute {by} Extent
   semantics exceed(during(E), Theme, Co-Theme, Attribute, Extent)


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