Predicate: rise

Roleset id: rise.01 , go up, Source: , vncls: 45.6-1 47.6 48.1.1 50 51.1, framnet:

rise.01: Let's use EXT for numericals only, otherwise Arg2-MNR:


        Arg1-: Logical subject, patient, thing rising (vnrole: 47.6-theme, 51.1-theme, 48.1.1-theme, 50-agent, 45.6-1-patient)
        Arg2-EXT: EXT, amount risen (vnrole: 45.6-1-extent)
        Arg3-DIR: start point (vnrole: 51.1-initial_location)
        Arg4-LOC: end point (vnrole: 51.1-destination)
        Argm-LOC: medium

Example: all args

        Sales rose 4% to $3.28 billion from $3.16 billion.

        Arg1: Sales
        Rel: rose
        Arg2: 4%
        Arg4: to $3.28 billion
        Arg3: from $3.16 billion

Example: arg2 as manner

        The index rose modestly as well.

        Arg1: The index
        Rel: rose
        Arg2: modestly
        Argm-dis: as well

Example: with locative

        Stock prices rose fractionally in moderate trading.

        Arg1: Stock prices
        Rel: rose
        Arg2: fractionally
        Argm-loc: in moderate trading

Example: with temporal

        Georgia Gulf stock rose $1.75 a share yesterday

        Arg1: Georgia Gult stock
        Rel: rose
        Arg2: $1.75 a share
        Argm-tmp: yesterday

Example: non-financial usage

        Mr. Hahn rose swiftly through the ranks

        Arg1: Mr Hahn
        Rel: rose
        Argm-mnr: swiftly
        Argm-loc: through the ranks

Example: and again

        The sun rises in the west.

        Arg1: The sun
        Rel: rises
        Argm-loc: in the west