Predicate: rend

Roleset id: rend.01 , tear, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

rend.01: REND-V NOTES: Based on Brown. Member of VNcls break-45.1. (from rend.01-v)


rend (v.)


        Arg0-PAG: rend-er (vnrole: 45.1-Agent)
        Arg1-PPT: thing torn, rent (vnrole: 45.1-Patient)

Example: unusual verb, these days

        person: ns,  tense: ns,  aspect: ns,  voice: active,  form: infinitive

        [He and Mary]-1 would no longer have [*-1]to tear and rend at each other; their mutual torture would be over.

        Arg0: [*-1]
        Rel: rend
        Arg1: at each other