Predicate: forage

Roleset id: forage.01 , search for food and provisions, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

forage.01: FORAGE-V NOTES: Corrected by Claire (from forage.01-v)


forage (v.)


        Arg0-PAG: searcher (vnrole: 35.5-1-Agent)
        Arg1-LOC: area foraged (vnrole: 35.5-1-Location)
        Arg2-PPT: thing(s) searched for (vnrole: 35.5-1-Theme)

Example: All arguments

        He foraged the countryside for desperately needed supplies.

        Arg0: He
        Rel: foraged
        Arg1: the countryside
        Arg2: for desperately needed supplies

Example: No area mentioned

        person: ns,  tense: ns,  aspect: ns,  voice: ns,  form: ns

        When she was a young girl in Crete, she foraged for snails and wild greens.

        Argm-tmp: When she was a young girl in Crete
        Arg0: she
        Rel: foraged
        Arg2: for snails and wild greens.