Predicate: flit

Roleset id: flit.01 , flit, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

flit.01: FLIT-V NOTES: hand-checked by Kevin. Member of VNcls run-51.3.2. (from flit.01-v)


flit (v.)Self_motion


        Arg1-PPT: entity moving, flitter (vnrole: 51.3.2-Theme)
        Arg2-LOC: path (vnrole: 51.3.2-Location)
        Arg3-DIR: start point
        Arg4-GOL: end point

Example: from Google

        They flitted amid the thick foliage, craning out their necks.

        Arg1: They
        Rel: flitted
        Arg2: amid the thick foliage
        Argm-prd: craning out their necks

Example: flit-v

        From house to house I flitted;

        Arg3: From house
        Arg4: to house
        Arg1: I
        Rel: flitted