Predicate: erect

Roleset id: erect.01 , to construct, set up, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

erect.01: ERECT-V NOTES: Frames file for 'erect' based on survey of sentences in the WSJ corpus. (from erect.01-v predicate notes) ERECTION-N NOTES: erect.01 (from erection.01-n)


erection (n.)
erect (v.)


        Arg0-PAG: constructor, agent (vnrole: 26.1-Agent)
        Arg1-PRD: entity erected (vnrole: 26.1-Product)

Example: transitive

        person: ns,  tense: past,  aspect: ns,  voice: active,  form: full

        The Big Board said [0] carpenters quickly erected a new options floor [0][*T*-1] to accomodate 40 traders from the Pacific exchange .

        Arg0: carpenters
        ArgM-MNR: quickly
        Rel: erected
        Arg1: a new options floor [0] [*T*-1]to accomodate 40 traders from the Pacific exchange

Example: Arg0, 1

        person: ns,  tense: ns,  aspect: ns,  voice: ns,  form: ns

        The first saw-mills were of course crude, and were intended only to supply the demand of the settlers in their erection of dwellings and barns.

        Arg0: their
        Rel: erection
        Arg1: of dwellings and barns