Predicate: entomb

Roleset id: entomb.01 , put into a tomb, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

entomb.01: ENTOMB-V NOTES: Frames file for 'entomb' based on sentences in wsj. No Verbnet entry. (from entomb.01-v predicate notes)


entomb (v.)


        Arg0-PAG: who put what where, agent
        Arg1-PPT: corpse (I hope)
        Arg2-GOL: tomb

Example: mother of all trace chains

        person: ns,  tense: ns,  aspect: ns,  voice: passive,  form: participle

        In Oakland, officials said the 57-year-old longshoreman who [*T*-1]-2 spent four days [*-2]-3 entombed [*-3] in rubble was in critical condition with slight improvement.

        Rel: entombed
        Arg1: [*-3]
        Argm-rcl: who -> the 57-year-old longshoreman
        Arg2: in rubble

Example: with agent

        person: ns,  tense: past,  aspect: ns,  voice: active,  form: full

        Mary entombed John in 15 tons of chocolate pudding.

        Arg0: Mary
        Rel: entombed
        Arg1: John
        Arg2: in 15 tons of chocolate pudding