Predicate: elude

Roleset id: elude.01 , avoid, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

elude.01: ELUDE-V NOTES: Frames file for 'elude' based on sentences in wsj and automaticexpansion via verbnet; adjectival 'elusive' based on BOLT-6. (from elude.01-v) ELUSIVE-J NOTES: Automatically created by Julia as an alias file for unification. (from elusive.01-j)


elude (v.)Evading
elusive (j.)


        Arg0-PAG: avoider (vnrole: 52-agent)
        Arg1-PPT: thing avoided (vnrole: 52-theme)

Example: elude-v: really easy

        person: ns,  tense: past,  aspect: ns,  voice: active,  form: full

        Time eluded Paramount by acquiring Warner Communications Inc.

        Arg0: Time
        Rel: eluded
        Arg1: Paramount
        Argm-mnr: by acquiring Warner Communications Inc

Example: elusive-j

        person: ns,  tense: ns,  aspect: ns,  voice: ns,  form: ns

        Yet it-1 seems [*-1] to be too elusive and hardly feasible .

        Arg0: [*-1]
        Argm-ext: too
        Rel: elusive