Predicate: abound

Roleset id: abound.01 , be plentiful, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

abound.01: ABOUND-V NOTES: Based on financial subcorpus. No comparison. Member of Vncls swarm-47.5.1-2-1. (from abound.01-v)


abound (v.)Abundance


        Arg1-LOC: thing which is plentiful (vnrole: 47.5.1-2-1-Location)
        Arg2-PPT: thing which has arg1 in great supply (vnrole: 47.5.1-2-1-Theme)

Example: just arg1

        That means that on days when prices are tumbling and sellers abound they must be willing to buy shares from sellers when no one else will.

        Arg1: sellers
        Rel: abound

Example: with arg2

        John's room abounds with moldy pizza crusts.

        Arg2: John's room
        Rel: abounds
        Arg1: with moldy pizza crusts