Predicate: AitoqabaD

Roleset id: 02 , to get paid

        Arg1: entity getting paid
        Arg2: wages
        Arg3: from whom


غيرنا يقبض **-1 الملايين ونحن نقبض **-2 الملاليم

        Arg1 : **-1 < غيرنا
        Gloss: -NONE- < others
        Arg2 : الملايين
        Gloss: millions

Roleset id: 01 , to arrest, to controll

        Arg0: agent,doing the arrest
        Arg1: entity arrested


(S (VP (PRT ( M-qad M -قَد))
                                                           (arrest/apprehend/seize+he/it MqabaDa M قَبَضَ)
                                                           (PP (on/above MEalay- M عَلَي-)
                                                               (NP (it/him M-hi M -هِ)))
                                                           (NP-SBJ (the+army/troops MAlEasokaru M العَسْكَرُ)
                                                                   (the+Ottoman MAlEuvomAniy~u M العُثْمانِيُّ))
                                                           (PP-PRP (by/with Mbi- M بِ-)
                                                                   (NP (accusation/charge M-tuhomapi M -تُهْمَةِ)
                                                                       (NP (the+treason/betrayal MAlxiyAnapi M الخِيانَةِ))))))))))))))))
   (PUNC .))

        Arg0 : AlEasokaru AlEuvomAniy~u
        Gloss: the Ottoman army
        Arg1 : Ealay- -hi
        Gloss: him
        Argm-prp : bi- -tuhomapi AlxiyAnapi
        Gloss: with a treason charges
        Argm-dis : -qad
        Gloss: indeed

EGYPTIAN ARABIC Framefile based on qabaD-v

Roleset id: 03 , to worry, to feel sad

        Arg1: entity feeling sad
        Arg2: reason


قلبي اتقبض * لما شفته

        Arg1 : * قلبي
        Gloss: my heart
        Arg2 : لما شفته
        Gloss: when I saw him