Predicate: AitomanaE

EGYPTIAN ARABIC Framefile based on manaE-v

Roleset id: 01 , to forbid

        Arg0: disallower, agent
        Arg1: forbidden action/event
        Arg2: beneficiary, the forbidden one


(S (and Mwa- M وَ-)
   (VP (prevent/forbid+he/it M-manaEa- M -مَنَعَ-)
       (NP-OBJ (it/him M-hu M -هُ))
       (NP-SBJ (men/people MrijAlu M رِجالُ)
               (NP (the+police MAl$~uroTapi M الشُّرْطَةِ)))
       (PP (from Mmin M مِن)
           (NP (NP (the+discussion/speaking MAlt~aHad~uvi M التَّحَدُّثِ))
               (PP (to/towards MIilaY M إِلَى)
                   (NP (the+journalist/reporter MAlS~aHAfiy~iyna M الصَّحافِيِّينَ))))))

        Arg0 : rijAlu Al$~uroTapi
        Gloss: the police men
        Arg1 : min Alt~aHad~uvi IilaY AlS~aHAfiy~iyna
        Gloss: from speaking to the journalists
        Arg2 : -hu
        Gloss: him