Predicate: AitolaEab

Roleset id: 01 , To play

        Arg0: agent player
        Arg1: game, sport, part of game, division
        Arg2: competitive entity
        Arg3: agent's team


  (CONJ و)
    (PRON_3MS هو))
      (FUT_PART س))
      (-NONE- *T*-1))
      (PREP في)
          (DET+NOUN+CASE_DEF_GEN الدور))
          (NOUN_QUANT+CASE_DEF_GEN ربع)
            (DET+NOUN+CASE_DEF_GEN النهائي)))))
      (NOUN+CASE_DEF_ACC ضد)
            (DET+NOUN+CASE_DEF_GEN الفرنسي))
            (NOUN_PROP نيكولا)
            (NOUN_PROP اسكوديه)))

        Arg0 : -NONE- *T*-1<هو
        Gloss: He
        Arg1 : في الدور ربع النهائي
        Gloss: In the quarter-fina
        Arg2 : ...ضد الفرنسي
        Gloss: Against the French...

Roleset id: 02 , To do

        Arg0: agent
        Arg1: work or effort
        Arg2: benefactive, done for or about


                                (DET+NOUN+CASE_DEF_GEN الشمال))
                              (PUNC "))
                                (REL_PRON الذي))
                                  (PV+PVSUFF_SUBJ:3MS لعب)
                                    (-NONE- *T*-2))
                                    (NOUN+CASE_INDEF_ACC دورا))
                                    (PREP في)
                                      (NOUN_PROP افغانستان))))))))))))))

        Arg0 : -NONE- *T*-2<تحالف الشمال
        Gloss: It
        Arg1 : دورا
        Gloss: A role
        Arg2 : في افغانستان
        Gloss: In Afghanistan

Roleset id: 03 , Idiomatic expression (to make fool of)

        Arg0: causer
        Arg1: victim
        Arg2: in what


EGYPTIAN ARABIC Framefile based on laEib-a-v

Roleset id: 04 , to mess with, to manipulate (multi word expression)

        Arg0: wntity messing
        Arg1: with what


نحن نلعب * بالقانون على مزاجنا

        Arg0 : * نحن
        Gloss: we
        Arg1 : بالقانون
        Gloss: with the law