Predicate: Aitokal~im

Roleset id: 01 , to talk

        Arg0: speaker
        Arg1: subject
        Arg2: hearer


      (PV+PVSUFF_SUBJ:3MS تكلم)
        (PVSUFF_DO:1P نا))
        (PREP عن)
            (NOUN+CASE_DEF_GEN اقتباس)
              (NOUN+CASE_INDEF_GEN فيلم)))
            (PREP من)
              (PRON_3FS ها)))))))
  (PUNC .))

        Arg0 : نا
        Gloss: We
        Arg1 : عن اقتباس فيلم منها
        Gloss: of the adaptation of the movie from her

        (ADJ_COMP+CASE_DEF_NOM آخر)
          (NOUN+CASE_DEF_GEN ادوار)
            (POSS_PRON_3FS ها)))))
        (NOUN فيلم)
            (PUNC ")
            (PV+PVSUFF_SUBJ:1S كنت)
              (IV1S+IV+IVSUFF_MOOD:I أتكلم)
                (-NONE- *))
                (NOUN+CASE_DEF_ACC مع)
                  (PRON_3FS ها))))
            (PUNC "))))

        Arg0 : *
        Gloss: I
        Arg2 : معها
        Gloss: with her

EGYPTIAN ARABIC based on takal~am