Predicate: Aitohay~aO

Roleset id: 02 , to be or become possible or feasible for, to be ready for

        Arg1: entity seeing things
        Arg2: things seen


    (PUNC ,)
    (CONJ وِ)
      (ADV هِنا))
      (IV3MS+IV_PASS يُهَيَّأ)
        (PREP لِ)
          (PRON_1S ي)))
        (SUB_CONJ أَنَّ)
            (NOUN_QUANT كُلّ)
              (NOUN مَصْرِيّ)))
              (IV3MS+IV يصِير)
                (PREP مِن)
                  (NOUN حَقّ)
                      (POSS_PRON_3MS ُه))
                      (-NONE- *T*-1)))))
                (SUB_CONJ أَنْ)
                    (IV3MS+IV يِتساءِل)
                      (-NONE- *))
                      (INTERROG_ADV لِماذا)))))))))
        (-NONE- *-2)))
    (PUNC ?)
    (PUNC ?)))

        Arg1 : لي
        Gloss: to me
        Arg : أن كل مصري يصير من حقه أن يتسأل لماذا
        Gloss: it is his right to ask why

EGYPTIAN ARABIC based on tahay~aO