Predicate: AitofaraD

EGYPTIAN ARABIC Framefile based on faraD-v

Roleset id: 01 , to impose

        Arg0: imposer
        Arg1: thing imposed
        Arg2: imposed on


(S (VP (he/it+be M-yakuwnu M -يَكُونُ)
                                                     (NP-5 (this Mh`XA M ه`ذا)
                                                           (the+fact/reality/actual MAlwAqiEu M الواقِعُ))
                                                     (VP (PRT ( Mqad M قَد))
                                                         (impose+he/it MfaraDa M فَرَضَ)
                                                         (NP-SBJ-5 (-NONE- XTX))
                                                         (NP-OBJ (same/self Mnafosa- M نَفْسَ-)
                                                                 (its/his M-hu M -هُ))
                                                         (PP (on/above MEalay- M عَلَي-)
                                                             (NP (it/him M-hi M -هِ)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

        Arg0 : XTX
        Gloss: NP-SBJ-5 (-NONE- *T*)
        Arg1 : nafosa- -hu
        Gloss: him slef
        Arg2 : Ealay- -hi
        Gloss: on him
        Argm-dis : -qad
        Gloss: indeed

Roleset id: 02 , to suppose or assume

        Arg0: agent
        Arg1: things assumed
        Arg2: about what


نفرض * انه حييجي بكره

        Arg0 : *? NONE
        Gloss: NONE
        Arg1 : انه حييجي بكره
        Gloss: he will come tomorrow