Predicate: AitofaS~al

EGYPTIAN ARABIC Framefile based on faS~al-v

Roleset id: 01 , to make clear, to detail or elaborate

        Arg0: entity clearing
        Arg1: things cleared
        Arg2: to whom


فصل الرجل الموضوع لأخيه

        Arg0 : الرجل
        Gloss: the man
        Arg1 : الموضوع
        Gloss: the subject
        Arg2 : لأخيه
        Gloss: to his brother

Roleset id: 02 , to divide into sections

        Arg0: entity dividing
        Arg1: things divided


فصل الرجل الكتاب

        Arg0 : الرجل
        Gloss: the man
        Arg1 : الكتاب
        Gloss: the book

Roleset id: 03 , to cut out, to make to measure

        Arg0: entity cutting
        Arg1: things getting cut


فصل الخياط القماش

        Arg0 : الخياط
        Gloss: the tailor
        Arg1 : القماش
        Gloss: the fabric

فصل *  ثوب وخذ سروال ببلاش

        Arg0 : *? NONE
        Gloss: NONE
        Arg1 : ثوب
        Gloss: dress