Predicate: AitoSaw~ar

Roleset id: 01 , To imagine

        Arg0: thinker
        Arg1: object, thing under consideration
        Arg2: attribute


        (PUNC ")
          (IV3MS+IV+IVSUFF_MOOD:I يمكن)
            (SUB_CONJ ان)
                (IV3MS+IV+IVSUFF_MOOD:S يكون)
                  (DET+NOUN_QUANT+CASE_DEF_NOM البعض))
                  (PV+PVSUFF_SUBJ:3MS تصور)
                    (-NONE- *T*-3))
                    (SUB_CONJ ان)
                          (DET+NOUN+NSUFF_FEM_SG+CASE_DEF_ACC القصة))
                          (ADJ+NSUFF_FEM_SG+CASE_INDEF_NOM بسيطة)))
                      (PUNC ,)

        Arg0 : -NONE- *T*-3< البعض
        Gloss: They
        Arg1 : ان القصة بسيطة
        Gloss: That the story is simple

EGYPTIAN ARABIC based on taSaw~ar

Roleset id: 02 , to take a picture

        Arg1: entity having the picture
        Arg2: with


امبارح تصورنا مع ماما

        Arg1 : نا
        Gloss: we
        Arg2 : مع ماما
        Gloss: with mother