Predicate: Aisota$Ar

Roleset id: 01 , to consult

        Arg0: consulter
        Arg1: consulted with


    (PSEUDO_VERB لكن)
      (PRON_1P نا))
          (FUT_PART س))
        (IV1P+IV+IVSUFF_MOOD:I نستشير)
          (-NONE- *))
          (NOUN+CASE_DEF_ACC اصدقاء)
            (POSS_PRON_1P نا)))
          (NOUN+CASE_DEF_ACC قبل)
            (NOUN_QUANT+CASE_DEF_GEN اي)
              (NOUN+CASE_INDEF_GEN هجوم)
              (ADJ+CASE_INDEF_GEN عسكري)))))))
  (PUNC ")
  (PUNC .))

        Arg0 : * < نا
        Gloss: -NONE- < us
        Arg1 : اصدقاءنا
        Gloss: our friends
        Argm-tmp : س
        Gloss: will
        Argm-tmp : قبل اي هجوم عسكري
        Gloss: before any military attack

EGYPTIAN ARABIC Framefile based on {isota$Ar