Predicate: AinotahaY

Roleset id: 01 , to be ended / finished

        Arg1: Thing ending


(S (and Mwa- M وَ-)
   (VP (be_concluded/be_completed+it/they/she M-{inotahat M -اِنْتَهَت)
       (NP-SBJ (the+session/meeting MAljalosapu M الجَلْسَةُ))
       (PP-MNR (by/with Mbi- M بِ-)
               (NP (prayer/salat M-SalAapi M -صَلاَةِ)
                   (NP (NP (the+conclusion MAlxitAmi M الخِتامِ)
                           (the+first MAlOuwlaY M الأُولَى))
                       (and Mwa- M وَ-)
                       (NP (the+half/middle/semi- M-AlniSofi M -النِصْفِ)))))
       (PP-TMP (after MbaEoda M بَعْدَ)
               (NP (the+noon/afternoon MAlZ~uhori M الظُّهْرِ))))
   (PUNC ")
   (PUNC .))

        Arg1 : Aljalosapu
        Gloss: the session
        Argm-mnr : bi- -SalAapi AlxitAmi AlOuwlaY wa- -AlniSofi
        Gloss: with the ending prayer of 1.30 PM
        Argm-tmp : baEoda AlZ~uhori
        Gloss: in the afternoon

Roleset id: 02 , to come to/ to lead to

        Arg0: Thing that come to
        Arg1: conclusion


(S (VP (be_concluded/be_completed+he/it M-{inotahaY M -اِنْتَهَى)
          (NP-SBJ (-NONE- X))
          (PP-CLR (to/towards MIilaY M إِلَى)
                  (NP (NP (the+speech/statement/remark/talk/saying MAlkalAmi M الكَلامِ))
                      (PP (from/about/of MEan M عَن)
                          (NP (structure/composition/framework Mhayokaliy~api M هَيْكَلِيَّةِ)
                              (NP (the+administration/management/bureau MAlIidArapi M الإِدارَةِ)
                                  (the+pedagogical/educational MAlt~arobawiy~api M التَّرْبَوِيَّةِ))))))))
   (PUNC .))

        Arg0 : X
        Gloss: NP-SBJ (-NONE- *)
        Arg1 : IilaY AlkalAmi Ean hayokaliy~api AlIidArapi Alt~arobawiy~api
        Gloss: toward the talks about the composition of the pedagogical bureau

Roleset id: 03 , To expire

        Arg1: thing expiring
        Arg2: expiration date


      (PUNC ")
      (ABBREV إي)
      (ABBREV بي)
      (ABBREV إم)
      (PUNC ")))
    (PV+PVSUFF_SUBJ:3FS انتهت)
      (-NONE- *T*-1))
      (NOUN+CASE_INDEF_ACC رسمياً))
      (DET+NOUN+CASE_DEF_ACC الخميس))))

        Arg1 : -NONE- *T*-1<معاهدة إي بي إم
        Gloss: It
        Arg2-tmp : الخميس
        Gloss: Thursday

EGYPTIAN ARABIC based on {inotahaY

Roleset id: 04 , to finish or get rid of someyhing

        Arg1: entity finishing
        Arg2: things finished


الراجل انتهى * من تنظيف البيت

        Arg1 : *الراجل
        Gloss: the man
        Arg2 : من تنظيف البيت
        Gloss: from cleaning the house