Predicate: AinotaZar

Roleset id: 01 , to wait

        Arg0: person waiting
        Arg1: thing waited for


(S (VP (it/they/she+expect/wait_for M-tanotaZiru M -تَنْتَظِرُ)
                           (NP-SBJ (-NONE- X))
                           (NP-OBJ (some/several MbaEoDa M بَعْضَ)
                                   (the+details MAlt~afASiyli M التَّفاصِيلِ)
                                   (the+operational MAlIijorA}iy~api M الإِجْرائِيَّةِ))
                           (PP-PRP (for Mli- M لِ-)
                                   (NP (it/them/her_to+enter M-tadoxula M -تَدْخُلَ)
                                       (NP (scope/domain/sphere MHay~iza M حَيِّزَ)
                                           (NP (the+implementation/execution/carrying_out MAlt~anofiyXi M التَّنْفِيذِ)))))))))))
   (PUNC ")

        Arg0 : X
        Gloss: NP-SBJ (-NONE- *)
        Arg1 : baEoDa Alt~afASiyli AlIijorA}iy~api
        Gloss: some details on the decisions
        Argm-prp : li- -tadoxula Hay~iza Alt~anofiyXi
        Gloss: in order to be executed

EGYPTIAN ARABIC based on {inotaZar

Roleset id: 02 , to expcte (multi word expression)

        Arg0: entity expecting
        Arg1: things expected
        Arg2: from whom


لا تنتظر يا أخي شيئا من الاولاد

        Arg0 : يا أخي
        Gloss: my brother
        Arg1 : شيئا
        Gloss: something
        Arg2 : من الاولاد
        Gloss: from the kids