Predicate: Aino$aq~

Roleset id: 01 , To split, to crackto break up

        Arg1: things been splitted
        Arg2: with what


اقتربت الساعة و انشق القمر

        Arg1 : القمر
        Gloss: the moon

Roleset id: 03 , To secede from, to separate from

        Arg0: entity separating
        Arg1: from who/what (Usually marked by عن)


كانا لا يفترقان فانشق احدهما عن الاخر

        Arg0 : احدهما
        Gloss: one of them
        Arg1 : عن الاخر
        Gloss: from the other

EGYPTIAN ARABIC Framefile based on {ino$aq~