Predicate: AilotizAm

Roleset id: 01 , adhering to\ maintaining\ being committed to

        Arg0: agent
        Arg1: thing commited to


                                      (NOUN.VN+CASE_DEF_ACC التزام)
                                        (POSS_PRON_3MS ه))
                                        (DET+NOUN+CASE_DEF_ACC الضغط))
                                        (PREP من)
                                          (NOUN+CASE_DEF_GEN أجل)
                                              (NOUN+NSUFF_FEM_SG+CASE_INDEF_GEN تسوية))
                                              (PREP ل)
                                                (NOUN+NSUFF_FEM_SG+CASE_DEF_GEN قضية)
                                                    (DET+NOUN+NSUFF_FEM_SG+CASE_DEF_GEN الجزيرة))
                                                      (-NONE- 0))
                                                        (DET+ADJ.VN+NSUFF_FEM_SG+CASE_DEF_GEN المقسمة)
                                                          (-NONE- *T*-5))
                                                          (-NONE- *-5))
                                                          (PREP منذ)
                                                            (NOUN_NUM 1974)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

        Arg0 : ه
        Gloss: him
        Arg1 : الضغط من اجل تسوية لقضية الجزيرة المقسمة منذ 1974
        Gloss: to put pressure for a settlement to the issue of the divided island since 1974

Framefile based on {ilotizAm