Predicate: AijotamaE

EGYPTIAN ARABIC based on {ijotamaE

Roleset id: 01 , to meet

        Arg0: entity meeting / first party
        Arg1: meeting with / other party


  (CONJ و)
    (PV+PVSUFF_SUBJ:3MS اجتمع)
      (-NONE- *))
      (NOUN+CASE_INDEF_ACC لاحقاً))
      (PREP ب)
          (NOUN+CASE_DEF_GEN نائب)
            (NOUN+CASE_DEF_GEN رئيس)
              (NOUN+CASE_DEF_GEN مجلس)
                (DET+NOUN+CASE_DEF_GEN النواب)))))
          (NOUN_PROP ايلي)
          (DET+NOUN_PROP الفرزلي)))))
  (PUNC .))

        Arg0 : -NONE- *
        Gloss: He
        Arg1 : بنائب رئيس مجلس النواب ايلي الفرزلي
        Gloss: with the vice president of the deputies council
        Argm-tmp : لاحقاً
        Gloss: later