Predicate: AibotaEad

Roleset id: 01 , wear off , erode

        Arg1: thing disappearing
        Arg2: from where


    (PV+PVSUFF_SUBJ:3FD ابتعدتا)
      (-NONE- *))
      (PREP عن)
        (PRON_3MS ه))))
  (PUNC .))

        Arg1 : * <
        Gloss: -NONE-
        Arg2 : عنه
        Gloss: from him

Roleset id: 02 , to quit or stop doing an action

        Arg0: doer of the action , agent
        Arg1: action stopped


ابتعد الرجل عن التدخين

        Arg0 : الرجل
        Gloss: the man
        Arg1 : عن التدخين
        Gloss: on smoking

EGYPTIAN ARABIC Framefile based on {ibotaEad